Croatian Association of Scientific and Technical Translators

Since 1957, the Croatian Association of Scientific and Technical Translators (HDZTP), member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT), has been the gathering point of competent translators and interpreters providing expert translating services to Croatian and foreign companies and organizations for more than fifty years now. More than 200 highly screened and seasoned professionals translate thousands of pages each month. Since the mid-1990s and the introduction of the market economy, the Association has continued to operate as a non-profit organisation, and its members are regularly hired by the Croatian Translation Agency LLC that accepts translation orders from customers and hires members of the Association for the job. It invoices the services provided to customers and provides accounting and payment services to translators.

To order translation contact:

Prevoditeljski centar d.o.o., Amruševa 19/II, 10000 Zagreb, (Tax Number /OIB/ 92998723973)
Telephone 4810397, 4922730
Fax 4817 658
Business hours:
Monday–Friday 00:08-16:00 h


Our members translating from Croatian into other languages are native speakers in their target languages. Those translating from other languages into Croatian have specialized in their fields of expertise, e.g. electronics, ITC, law (legislation, contracts, official documents etc.), pharmacy, medicine, civil engineering, various branches of manufacture, construction (bids, bills of quantities), finance (financial statements, reports) etc.

Superior translating services


  1. Written translations are charged on the basis of a standard page. A standard page contains 1500 characters.
  2. The smallest unit for the calculation is one standard page. For example, if a customer sends a single page with only 13 lines of text, it will be counted as one standard page. With multiple-page translations, characters with spaces are added up.
  3. The customer will be delivered one copy of the translation; the translation can be supplied in printout, as well as on a CD/DVD, or sent by e-mail.
  4. In consecutive or simultaneous interpreting, the time spent with the customer from the moment the interpreter arrives until the end of the talks (or conference) is charged, irrespectively of how much time has actually been spent on actual interpreting. For one day of consecutive or simultaneous interpreting outside the interpreter’s town of residence, a minimum of 8 hours are charged. In addition, the customer is expected to cover the interpreter’s travel, accommodation and board expenses.


Translation into Croatian

Up to six standard pages of translation per day are charged at the recommended price. If the daily average has to be raised to 7 or 8 pages per day in order to meet the deadline set by the customer, then the urgent rate i.e. 50% more than the ordinary price applies. If the Client orders 9 or more pages to be translated per day, then the very urgent rate i.e. 100% more than the recommended price applies. In such cases, all pages are charged the urgent or very urgent rate, respectively, not just those that exceed the standard amount.

Translation from Croatian or from one foreign language into another

Up to four standard pages of translation per day are charged at the recommended price. If 5 or 6 pages are translated per day, the price increases by 50%; if the customer orders 7 or more pages to be translated per day, the price increases by 100%. The day on which the text to be translated is received or its translation delivered, as well as the days of weekends and national holidays, do not count in calculating deadlines. Every translation from or into Croatian that has to be completed the same day it has been received, or the day after, counts as very urgent, irrespectively of its length.

Editing and sub-editing

The daily norm for editing Croatian texts is 12 standard pages. If a customer orders 13-18 pages to be edited per day, the price increases by 50% and for editing more than 18 pages per day the price increases by 100%. The daily norm for editing non-Croatian texts is 8 pages. Editing 9 to 12 standard pages per day is charged at the urgent rate (50% more), whereas editing 13 or more pages per day is charged at the very urgent rate (100% more).

Important note

It is highly recommended that all texts intended for print are edited, and no liability for any errors in unedited texts published in the print or other media can be accepted. The accuracy of translation and non-disclosure of any business information of the customer are guaranteed. Charges for services not mentioned above are subject to separate agreement.

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